Suffering an injury is never fun, but it is even worse when it happens doing something you enjoy, such as walking your dog. If you are an older adult in Mississippi, then you should pay attention. There is a surprising increase in the number of older adults who suffer injuries when walking dogs.

Some of these people were walking their own dogs while others were doing it as part of a dog walking service. In any case, there was a 150% increase in the number of dog walking injuries from 2004 to 2017, according to Forbes. Stopping these injuries requires getting to the heart of why they are happening.

The dog did it

There really is no proof of what is causing this sudden increase in dog walking accidents. It could be the dogs played a role somehow, but it is also possible there are other things to blame. The dogs should not shoulder the whole burden. After all, they need their daily walks to stay healthy, and they cannot defend themselves against the accusations.

Other factors

Since these accidents are occurring in older individuals, there is a possibility that age is to blame. As people age, their balance and strength diminish. All it takes is something unexpected in the path for someone to take a tumble.

Of course, there is also a chance that it could be a case of uneven or broken sidewalks. If those who had accidents were walking on uneven sidewalks due to a lack in maintenance, then this could be a personal injury issue more than just an accident.

The reality is that dog walking accidents are preventable. So, whether it means asking for sidewalk repairs in your neighborhood, refusing to walk a rowdy dog or simply paying more attention to where you walk, there are ways to stop it from happening to you.