Having an allergy can be a scary characteristic for some Mississippi residents. They may be so allergic to something that they could have life-threatening experiences if they come in contact with or consume it. As a result, they often check product labels to ensure that they will not put themselves at risk. However, some individuals could suffer if they consume a product when a manufacturer did not disclose a potential allergen.

It was recently reported that Frito-Lay has issued a recall for a variety of its potato chips. The Lay’s Lightly Salted Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips may have an undisclosed milk allergen, which puts certain consumers at risk of negative health effects. The chips were distributed to retailers in 24 states, including Mississippi. 

The product itself is sold in 7.75-ounce bags and have a “guaranteed fresh” date of Aug. 27, 2019. It was noted that this variety of chips is the only one affected by this particular recall. At the time of the report, no negative reactions to the product had been reported to the company. If consumers have already purchased the product, they are encouraged to return it for a refund.

Being at risk of a serious allergic reaction can be stressful and dangerous. If Mississippi residents have been negatively affected by the product involved in this recall, they may want to determine whether they have reason to pursue a legal claim. In some instances, serious injuries resulting from a dangerous product could warrant personal injury claims to allow the negatively affected parties to pursue compensation for damages.