You need to trust your doctor. When you go in for advice or a checkup, you have to know that they have your best interests at heart. You have to know that they take your health seriously.

If you have any doubts about that, ask yourself why. Think about the outcome. Is your doctor going to miss a diagnosis or make a mistake that impacts your health? Could it even cost you your life or leave you with a permanent disability?

That’s not a chance you want to take. You need to find a new doctor as soon as possible. Here are some potential red flags and reasons to look for a new medical professional in your life:

1. The doctor shows up late or rushes out early. You can tell that they do not respect you or the time you put aside for the visit. You feel unimportant. It is clear that the doctor is not taking the time to really consider you or your case the way that it deserves.

2. The doctor doesn’t listen to you. Maybe they just do not have time for you to actually talk. Maybe they blow off your opinions or ignore the things you have to say. Maybe they make cutting remarks and make you feel uncomfortable, like you cannot ask questions or say what is really on your mind.

3. The doctor keeps things from you. They recommend a certain treatment, for instance, but fail to give you all of the details you want about why they picked that treatment, what other options there are and why they think it is the best option. Even if it is the right choice, you deserve a doctor who respects you enough to tell you everything. It’s your health, after all.

4. The staff makes mistakes. Many serious errors happen because of paperwork mistakes and miscommunication in the doctor’s office. If the front desk staff and office workers make an error, it could impact your health, even if your doctor is a professional and tries to do what they can.

5. They are not open to any new ideas. Your doctor went to school three decades ago and refuses to consider new options and developments. They do not trust these procedures or medications, and so they do not tell you about all of the options you really have.

Did you get injured or see your health negatively impacted due to a serious medical mistake? If it happened before you could find a good doctor, make sure you know what options you may have to seek compensation.