Do not become part of the distracted driving epidemic. Keep your focus on the road at all times. Don’t let your mind wander.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. Distracted driving puts people in the hospital every single day. Even if you think you’re a safe driver, odds are you have allowed yourself minor distractions when you should have kept paying attention to traffic. To keep yourself and others safe, you need to prevent these incidents from happening.

To help, here are seven of the main distractions drivers face:

1. Music

When you get too engrossed in a song, that can take your attention off of the road. You also face distractions when you try to change the radio station or switch to a different artist on your phone.

2. Food

People like to eat behind the wheel because it seems efficient. You can get to work on time if you eat breakfast and drink coffee while you drive. Unfortunately, eating and drinking could lead to a wreck that means you won’t get to work at all.

3. Texting

For a lot of people, texting is now their primary form of communication. They do it more than they make actual phone calls. Both writing and reading texts while driving is highly dangerous. Just think about how far your car travels while you look down at the phone.

4. Gawking

Police officers who respond to accidents often feel nervous that they’ll get hit on the scene. The problem is that a lot of drivers gawk at the first crash. When they do, they cause secondary accidents and injuries.

5. Phone calls

Talking on the phone can cause accidents, just like texting. People often act like talking is a safe alternative, but it’s not. You still take one hand off of the wheel and you still think about the call instead of the road.

6. Social media

Browsing Facebook. Taking pictures to post online. Checking notifications. Drivers do all of this and more behind the wheel, and it’s all dangerous. Leave that social media addiction behind when you get in the car.

7. Sleeping

If you feel tired, you should never drive. Ask for a ride. Take a nap and then drive. Find another means of transportation. In some ways, it’s very similar to drunk driving. If you nod off or react slowly to things around you, it can lead to an accident.